Meet Our Team

Randy Doradat




Randy is a final year Chemical Engineering undergraduate student and has been a part of the SPE executive team since 2017. He has completed a 16 month process engineering internship with TC Energy (formerly TransCanada), one of the largest midstream companies. He plans to develop a career in the oil and gas industry and hopes to have the opportunity to work in various aspects of it including downstream and upstream.

Allan Dok Lun Cheung


Vice President

Allan Cheung

Allan is a Chemical Engineering undergraduate student who has been involved with SPE since 2015. He is interested in the petroleum industry and the financial sector. Allan has experience researching in bio-fuels for professor Donald Kirk at the University of Toronto. He plans to do a PEY in either the oil and gas industry or financial sector to grow his skills and gain valuable industry experience.

Isabella Ferrara


Vice President of Communications


Isabella is a 2nd year Materials Engineering Student interested in pursuing a minor in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Energy. Proudly apart of the SPE team as the VP Communications. .

Matthew Leung

Vice President of Marketing


Matthew is an Engineering Science student who is interested in physics and energy systems research. Last summer, he worked as a Research Assistant at the National University of Singapore, conducting research on photocatalytic hydrogen generation. He is interested in Canada’s changing energy sector, and hopes to do graduate studies in the future.

Akram Khan


Vice President of Internal Affairs

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Vice President of Operations

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Evans Eluerkeh


Vice President of Finance

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Ishmam Chandan



Ishmam is an undergraduate student that has been involved with SPE since 2016. His interest in the energy industry has made him involved with University of Toronto Chemical Vehicles (Design Team) where he researched various power sources including thermo-electric generators, aluminum-air batteries and crystal power source. He is interested in exploring the renewable energy industry.