Become a member

Who can join?

Anyone with an interest in the petroleum industry should join. SPE is not just for petroleum engineers!

Why join?

Networking: SPE University of Toronto Student Chapter will have numerous events and social gatherings to grow our networks. 

Professional Growth: We will invite industry professionals to educate us about the petroleum industry (networking, jobs, information/knowledge).  

Scholarships: SPE offers scholarships to student members! Details will be released as soon as SPE provides it.

How to join?

*Note: As a student you will not be required to pay for membership. It says that there are dues, but just ignore them for now since it will be covered by Chevron.*

1) Go to

2) Under Student, click "Join SPE"

3) Check the box that states "I confirm..."

4) Select Canada as the country

5) Select Free – 1 Year Membership under the Dues section

6) a) If you have never created an account: create a new account and verify/confirm it from your email

     b) If you already have an existing account: enter your email & password

7) Welcome to SPE: University of Toronto Student Chapter!