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Why Join SPE?

SPE membership is FREE for students. Joining SPE gives you access to networking opportunities, workshops, journals and technical publications, exclusive scholarship opportunities, and more! Some of our SPE UofT members have won these scholarships in the past. Follow the steps below to join, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

How to Join SPE


Click on the "Join Now!" button above, or click on this link here. You will be directed to the SPE student membership application page. Follow the instructions on the page, and be sure to select the "Free - 1 Year Membership" sponsored by Chevron. Although it says it's only 1 year, you can keep renewing your membership for free every year as long as you're a student. Then, click "Next" to continue.


You will be redirected to a sign in page. Click on "Create a new online account", and follow the instructions on the next few pages.  


Once you have created an account, join the University of Toronto Student Chapter.


Your SPE membership will expire at the end of each year. Be sure to renew your membership (it's free) to continue getting access to benefits offered by SPE.

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